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Illspokinn Rapping at falcone in Zurich: 13 March 2014

Here’s Joe Mahone jamming with international rapper, Illspokinn for the first time in Zurich at falcone. Falcone hosts open jam nights every Thursday night for professional musicians.

I was lucky enough to get these two together and now I’ve got a rap with my name in it!


Interview with Joe Mahone – an American professional drummer

Interview with Joe Mahone – an American professional drummer

Can you answer the following questions after listening to this interview?

1) Where was Joe born?

     a)  Richmond, Virginia                 b) New Jersey       c) Zurich 

2) Where does he live now?

     a) Zurich                                      b) New York                c) near Atlanta, Georgia 

3) Which 3 different musical styles does he have experience with?

     a) operatic singer and organist   b) progressive rock group  c) soul band  d) punk band

4) What advantage does Joe mention about being a musician who travels around the world?

    a) the free frequent flyer miles    b) learning new sounds and ways to play through other musicians  c) shopping 

5) How does Joe’s drumming students learn how to play?

    a) by ear                                     b) reading notes                c) with a blindfold

Car Talk Radio

This is a show that is so dear to my heart.  I remember listening to this program while driving my first car on the weekends in Boston.  It always made me laugh out loud, and by the way, this was way before the term “LOL” was born!

For those of you who might have a strong interest in the mechanics of cars, relationships, humor, solving puzzles, the Boston accent and/or a combination of all that in one…I can highly recommend following this show.  Here’s a sample podcast: